Our story begins with the Swedish furniture designer Arne Norell. He founded our company in 1954. Ever since then we have been a family business with the ambition to carry on his legacy. 

All furniture is manufactured by hand in our factory in Aneby, Sweden. A great deal of care is put into every product that we create. Our models were designed by Arne Norell and are characterized by his unique idiom. Some of our models are also designed by his daughter Marie Norell-Möller or other Swedish designers. Norell values function, comfort, durability, and timeless design. We work with Swedish materials of the highest quality available. Our customers have great freedom of choice between fabrics and leather from the best manufacturers. We also make reupholstery of old furniture in our factory. We strive towards making furniture that lasts a long time and gives continuous enjoyment to its owner.  

During the years we have developed both classical and modern furniture that satisfies many different needs. Norell has on several occasions received awards and prizes for its design. Among others, our lounge chair Ari was awarded “Showpiece of the year” by British Furniture Manufacturers in 1973. Our furniture is represented in many places all over the world. Embassies, the Swedish Parliament building, hotels, restaurants and of course private homes. We hope that you will find a furniture that speaks to you. A Norell furniture is an investment in Swedish design that will be by your side for a long time.

(foto: Ari-fåtölj, Henrik Nero,

(Photo: Ari lounge chair, Henrik Nero,

Arne Norell

1917-1971, Swedish furniture designer and entrepreneur.

Arne Norell started his own workshop in 1954 in the town of Solna, Sweden. Thereafter he moved to Småland and established his company Möbel AB Arne Norell, today known as Norell Möbel AB (Norell Furniture). He was known for his versatile use of wood, leather, fabric, and metal in furniture characterized by comfort and ease. Norell’s success made him a household name within the interior design-world of Europe. Several models were also produced in other parts of the world under a license.

He was to a great extent inspired by Danish design. Two examples of this influence are the lounge chair Ari and the safari chair Sirocco. Ari was awarded the British Furniture Manufacturer’s greatest award “showpiece of the year” in 1973. Many of the models he designed came into production after his death in 1971. His designs are still handcrafted by the same company today, Norell Möbel AB.


Marie Norell-Möller

Swedish furniture designer. Daughter of Arne Norell.

Marie got her degree in design from “Konstfack”, the Swedish University of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1981. Her first commercialized product, the café chair “Paris,” was inspired by Mediterranean culture and became a design success. It opened the way to a new genre of chairs and had many followers from other manufacturers.

Marie designs chairs, sofas, and armchairs, which many consider having a special feminine expression. A counterbalance to the industrial custom furniture that is produced in large quantities today. Through her soft idiom, she is also a precursor for the type of furniture that fits well in both public and private environments.

Marie Norell-Möller has received numerous awards for her designs. The armchair “Leo,” and the chair “Paris” are only a couple of her designs that have received awards. She is also the designer of “Alexandra,” “Cicci,” and “Celina.”