At the retailer you choose your model. You have full freedom of choice between fabrics, leather, color, legs and stains. This gives you the opportunity to create a furniture that is both unique and personal. The retailer will be more than happy to help you choose between fabrics and they can give you advice about upholstery and other details. You can also contact us for more information info@norellfurniture.com
(Photo on top of the page: Sara Ligorria-Tramp, www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com)


We want to offer our customers as much freedom of choice as possible. Therefore we adapt to your personal choice of fabric-brand and color. We contact the fabric manufacturer and make sure you get a correct cost estimate. Depending on the size of your furniture, your fabric cost also varies. To mention only a few of the brands we collaborate with: Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Pierre Frey, Romo, Villa Nova, Kirkby Design and Black edition. Please contact us at info@norellfurniture.com for further questions or estimates.


All models are handmade with the fabric or leather of your choice. We provide fixed or removable upholstery. Fixed upholstery is standard, but several models can be ordered with removable upholstery. Removable upholstery can be put together by the customer if he/she wishes to do so. Seat and back cushions are always made with removable covers and are reversible. Leather cushions are not reversible because the bottom must breathe and let air through. We deliver upholstery for both new and older models.



We also reupholster our own models at our factory in Sweden. Both new and older models. It is also possible to purchase cushions and spare parts if they need replacement. For help with the choice of fabric and to give an estimate feel free to contact us info@norellmobel.se or +46-(0)380 404 80. To reupholster saves you money compared to buying new furniture. Your choice of material/fabric will determine the price. A 3-seat sofa draws about 12-15 meters of fabric to a cost between 500 – 1000 SEK/m. Or for a truly luxurious sofa, a more expensive fabric could be chosen. It cost about 12000- 1400 SEK to reupholster a sofa and about 7000 – 8000 SEK for an armchair. VAT and shipping not included.



Legs are made of lacquered beech, stained beech or in some cases oak. Some models have legs or frames in polished or matt chrome. Round legs, turned legs or standard straight legs. Some models are available with one or several options.


All Howard Models are made with wheels in brass or chrome on the turned front legs. Floor protection medals in bronze with molded logo “Norell” are included. The chrome wheels medals are cast in aluminum to match the color of chrome.