The colors of your choice

Our design furniture can be made in several color variations. You can choose the color of leather, canvas and wood finish. If you have a specific color request in mind, please contact us. Send a photo of the furniture to and we will do our best to find something that matches. However, the easiest and fastest way is to choose any of the standard colors we presented below.

Upholstery Leather

Upholstery leather is the soft and thin leather used on the cushions of the furniture. You can order free leather samples by contacting us at Each leather displayed below can be used on all our models. It is not limited to the model in the photo.

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Support leather / Strap leather

Support- / strap leather is the thicker leather that is used for making straps, armrests and other details on models such as Ari, Ilona, Inca and Sirocco. On the Ari chair you also have the option to dress your straps with the same upholstery leather used on the cushion to make a perfect color match between the cushion and the straps. You can order free leather samples by contacting us at

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Canvas & Fabrics

Canvas is a fabric material made from hemp. We also offer a wide range of fabrics from the most reputable manufacturers on the market.

For more information, contact us at

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Wood finish

We manufacture our furniture in ash, oak, teak and beech wood. Sirocco is made in ash, oak, teak or walnut. Ilona and Inca are only made in beech. Our teak is grown sustainably and is highly exclusive. Therefore it has a higher price. A more affordable alternative to teak, is ash/beech with a teak stain. We provide stains in a variety of colors. To order free wood finish samples please contact us at We ship worldwide.

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