Fabric gives many possibilities in colors, prints and textures to give your furniture a personal touch.

Our fabric suppliers are carefully selected and they are committed to their ecological and social responsibilities as a company. We are constantly reviewing our supply chain – including the disposal of packaging material – in a way that enhances the environment for our customers wherever possible.


We use leather from the Swedish companies Tarnsjo and Elmo. After many many years of experience their knowledge of vegetable and waterbased tanned leather is unmatched. They embrace innovation and serious sustainability work so their consumers can rely on premium quality.

To them sustainability is really simple. The earth was here before us, not the other way around. It comes natural to respect both the environment and people. Our suppliers take responsibility for their part in nature’s cycles and always seek new ways to improve the sustainability of the processes.

Wood Finish

We manufacture our furniture in ash, oak, teak and beech wood. Sirocco is made in ash, oak or teak. Ilona and Inca are only made in beech. Our teak is grown sustainably and is highly exclusive. Therefore, it has a higher price.

A more affordable alternative to teak, is ash/beech with a teak stain. We provide stains in a variety of colors selected to be sustainable. Our natural wood is treated with eco-friendly oil.


Our furniture is carefully handcrafted at our factory in Sweden using only the best materials. In fact, it is the same factory that Arne Norell built in the 1960’s. We make unique Scandinavian designs that last.

When possible we use natural latex, or natural rubber as it is also called, as filling in our furniture. It’s a naturally produced material from the rubber tree. This material has many good characteristics that make it an excellent choice for comfort. Natural latex has an open cell structure, which means that it breathes and conducts away excess heat. With an ability to mold itself to the body, it helps maintain good circulation around the body while providing good comfort. Natural latex acts as a pressure reliever and feels soft, but withstands high loads and has a long service life.

Natural latex is for example used in our armchair Sirocco.